Botan to Kiku | Long Sleeve Silk Aloha Shirt

Botan to Kiku | Long Sleeve Silk Aloha Shirt


Peony is named the King of Flowers for its gorgeous beauty, and is seen as a auspicious sign of rich and prosperity. Chrysanthemum represents Autumn in Japan, and is also a symbol of longevity. There have been tales of people turning immortal after taking the magic essence of chrysanthemum in ancient Chinese folklores.

・100% Silk  (Custom silk jacquard )
・Made in Japan
・Vintage style aloha shirts
・Coconut button
・Dry clean

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All of our Aloha shirts are made with 100% silk, custom woven fabric that has a jacquard pattern of ‘nami’ waves and ‘pagong’ sea turtles woven into it. Over this intricately woven pattern we dye our Pagong patterns from our historic catalog. This creates a doubly rich and deep visual effect.