Flower Arabesque | Men's Blouson

Flower Arabesque | Men's Blouson


Color / navy and red      Size Chart
Japanese name/ 花唐草 (Hanakarakusa)

Inspired from Miyako Odori. The Miyako Odori (都をどり) is one of the four great spring shows in the five geisha districts (hanamachi) of Kyōto, Japan. The dances, songs, and theater productions presented in the framework of the Miyako Odori are performed by the maiko and geiko of the Gion quarter. ivy has always been used as a symbol of longevity or a bless of having many children, due to its ever growing nature.

・100% Cotton (Lining polyester100% / Rib Cotton45%, Polyester45% polyurethane,10%)
・Made in Japan
・Urban style
・Dry clean

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