DEMONS IN HELL | Silk Aloha Shirt

DEMONS IN HELL | Silk Aloha Shirt


Color / Pale blue green     Size Chart
Japanese name/ 地獄の鬼 (Jigoku no Oni)

Originally this pattern was used for the back of a wing of men’s Kimono in early Showa era. A powerful pattern, a brave pattern were used for men’s kimono. When taking off kimono, you can see the design of pattern. Normally this design is not shown. 

Painting of a scene in Hell were including means that Punish the everyday way of life of people, and beware of evil. This pattern express the scene what the boss of demon are punishing his henchmen. In Japanese language, demon is Oni. Oni is often shown on  Japanese children story. If you stay up late, Oni will come to you and be kidnapped, My mum said…

・100% Silk  (Custom silk jacquard )
・Made in Japan
・Vintage style aloha shirts
・Coconut button
・Dry clean

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Demon in Hell

Kamedatomi Collection

All of our Aloha shirts are made with 100% silk, custom woven fabric that has a jacquard pattern of ‘nami’ waves and ‘pagong’ sea turtles woven into it. Over this intricately woven pattern we dye our Pagong patterns from our historic catalog. This creates a doubly rich and deep visual effect.