IKYU no Ryu (Kabuki Dragon) | Silk Aloha Shirt

IKYU no Ryu (Kabuki Dragon) | Silk Aloha Shirt


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Japanese name/ 意休の龍 (Ikyunoryu)

In one of the eighteen best plays of the Ichikawa family of kabuki actors. The popular actors such as Matsumoto Kōshirō, Ichikawa Ebizō and Iwai Hanshirō, whose names have been passed down until today, played the roles in this play.

Sukeroku plays an active part on the gorgeous stage. Sukeroku is seeking to avenge his farther’s death. He is trying to provoke people to draw their sword, so that he can identify the treasured sword stolen from their family. Finally Sukeroku found treasured sword, and Ikyu had it… Ikyu wears dragon’s dress. We reproduce Ikyu’s kabuki dress co-operated with official dress company which have the right of Ikyu’s kabuki dress.

・100% Silk  (Custom silk jacquard )
・Made in Japan
・Vintage style aloha shirts
・Coconut button
・Dry clean

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All of our Aloha shirts are made with 100% silk, custom woven fabric that has a jacquard pattern of ‘nami’ waves and ‘pagong’ sea turtles woven into it. Over this intricately woven pattern we dye our Pagong patterns from our historic catalog. This creates a doubly rich and deep visual effect.